Stage 1

Geotechnical Desk Study

Why is a Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study Required?

A Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study may be requested by structural engineers, so as to understand potential geotechnical issues earlier in the project, before the ground is broken. This may be before a site is purchased, for example if gypsum deposits are anticipated within the site area.

What’s included in a Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study? 

In brief, a Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study aims to collate information regarding the history, topography, site geology, ground gas hazard and publicly available mining information for the site, to enable preliminary risks and probable foundation strata to be identified for proposed developments.

To save time and resources, a Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study can easily be incorporated into the Phase 1 Geo-Environmental Desk Study, or combined with a Coal Mining Risk Assessment.

After all available information has been collected and assessed for relevance, a final Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study Report is produced, which contains the preliminary foundation and sub-structure recommendations, as well as recommendations for conducting a Stage 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation, depending on what information is available and required.

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