Stage 2

Geotechnical Ground Investigation

Why is a Stage 2: Geotechnical Ground Investigation Required?

A Stage 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation gives a detailed assessment of the ground conditions present on a site, which informs the foundation design of a development. A Stage 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation is generally requested by a structural engineer, although it can also be recommended by a Stage 1 Geotechnical Desk Study.

What’s included in a Stage 2: Geotechnical Ground Investigation?

In most cases a structural engineer will outline their specific requirements for a Stage 2 Geotechnical Site Investigation. In other cases, we apply current procedural and technical guidance such as British Standard BS 5930: 2015+A1:2020 to design the most cost-effective and representative intrusive site investigation for our clients.

The field work aspect of the Stage 2 Geotechnical site investigation generally involves the logging of soils, and collection of soil and rock samples for laboratory testing. In addition, all of our engineers are qualified in carrying out geotechnical field tests, which include;

  • Hand Shear Vane tests (HSV)
  • Pocket Penetrometer Tests
  • Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer tests (MEXE probe)
  • Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
  • Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)
  • Dynamic Probe Tests
  • Pocket Penetrometer Tests

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    CGA generally carry out intrusive works via mechanical excavator, dynamic sampler or shell and auger (cable percussion) rig.

    To save time and resources, a Stage 2 Geotechnical Ground Investigation can be included as part of a Phase 2 Geoenvironmental Ground Investigation.

    What will the Stage 2: Geotechnical Ground Investigation reports tell me as a developer?

    The Stage 2 Geotechnical Ground Investigation Report will include recommendations for the foundation strata for structures and pavement, groundwater depth, bearing capacity of soils, and suitable concrete types. Recommendation can also be made for the type of foundation that will be most suited to the ground conditions, or ground improvement techniques in the cases that soils are not suitable for conventional foundations.

    Foundation Design & Inspection

    A Stage 2 Geotechnical Investigation can also be carried out as a foundation investigation on an existing structure, for example to obtain data on the causes of structural stability or suitability for bearing additional load.

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    Why Choose Chevin Geoenviro Associates?

    We take the time to understand our client’s needs and work with them during the development process to ensure the costs are kept to a minimum. We’ve invested in our geotechnical equipment, including our own Dynamic Sampling Rig, complete with SPT and Dynamic Probe rods, so that we can offer competitive prices and expertise to our clients. All of our engineers are trained to operate our Dynamic Sampler rig.