Phase 4

Validation Works

What is involved in a Phase 4 Validation Report?

Following the Phase 3 remediation works, a Phase 4 Verification report brings together the supporting information required to demonstrate completion of the remediation works. The scope of validation works and verification reporting is detailed within the remediation strategy and is classified as the final requirements of the LCRM Stage 3 assessment of land contamination.

Typically this work involves measuring the depth of imported topsoil, collection of imported topsoil/subsoil for laboratory testing and comparison with the specified remediation criteria. All waste movement documentation and other relevant supporting information are presented within this report with a final statement of completion singed off by a suitably quailed person with the accreditation of Chartered Scientist or SiLC.

What will the Phase 4 Verification reports tell me as a developer?

Our Validation Report will provide a final sign off that the Contaminated Land issues have been fully addressed, and will not need to be considered further. 

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    Why choose Chevin Geoenviro Associates? 

    Chevin Geoenviro Associates have many years’ experience of remediation and validation, ranging from large-scale post-industrial brownfield redevelopment projects, to single unit developments.

    Our experience working in local planning authorities means we have an in depth knowledge of the standards and permitting procedures.

    It is fairly common for developers to choose to instruct the same consultant for the Remediation Strategy as the Site Investigation. However, this assumption can sometimes lead to developers paying inflated costs. Bearing this in mind, Chevin always provide a competitive, cost effective and efficient service when carrying out reports, which often saves our clients time and money.