Additional Services

At Chevin Geoenviro, we also offer additional services that compliment the Contaminated Land Assessment and Geotechnical Services.

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Our Preliminary Flood Risk Assessments outline the factors which affect flood hazard potential on the site through collating sources of flood risk data. These are commonly requested by the local planning authority / Environment Agency during the planning application process, and inform the design of flood protections. PFRA reports are designed with reference to The Flood Risk Regulations 2009.

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Contracted Technical & Laboratory Services

Our highly experienced and qualified engineers can provide technical sampling and in-situ test supervision services to sites. Services include:

  • Soil asbestos and determinand testing (UKAS and MCERTS accredited).
  • Ground / surface water testing & monitoring.
  • Ground gas testing & monitoring.
  • Instruction and supervision of CBR, Density and Plate bearing tests.

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Contracted Drilling

Contracted Drilling and Excavation

Design of construction phase plans, health and safety plans, and provision of SSSTS, CSCS and first aid qualified engineers for supervision of excavations and boreholes. Our services include:

  • Hand Excavated Pits.
  • Dynamic Window Sampling.
  • Machine Excavated Trial Pits.
  • Cable percussive drilling.
  • Rotary core drilling.

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Groundwater and Gas Monitoring

Sampling and testing of ground gas and water from monitoring installations, on pre-development greenfield sites to historical landfills. Groundwater sampling can be carried out through bulk purge, or low-flow techniques as required.

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Groundwater and Gas Monitoring
Classification of Waste Soil

Classification of Waste Soil

Sampling, testing and delineation services for the disposal of waste / potential waste stockpiles. Assessments are made using Waste Assessment Criteria testing, and classification according to ‘WM3 Guidance on the Classification and Assessment of Waste’, the most current regulatory guidance. Due diligence is carried out for all waste disposal projects to standards outlined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

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Classification of Topsoil

Sampling, testing, delineation and due diligence services for importing or exporting of soils, principally for use in cover blankets and in landscape areas as a growing medium. Testing and comparison of common / identified determinands of risk against C4SL and S4UL screening values for the appropriate end use, as well as testing for compliance with BS 3882:2007 topsoil or BS 8601:2013 subsoil standards.

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Classification of Topsoil

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